Valeriy Maydanyuk “Myths, disinformation, Russian propaganda and fakes about the Ukrainian army”

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We invite you to the #UnitedFront project: online trainings that promote interaction between society and the army and refute the myths of Russian propaganda!
📅October 20, Thursday, starting at 19:00
🗂️ Topic: “Myths, disinformation, Russian propaganda and fakes about the Ukrainian army”
👤 Lecturer: Valerii Maidaniuk, PhD. flight. D., an expert at the Foundation for the Promotion of Democracy.
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❗️Тренінги takes place online via Zoom webinars.
👉To participate, you need to register directly for the lecture in Zoom at the link: https://bit.ly/uf_2010
After registering for the class, you will receive a link to participate in the webinar directly to the email specified during registration.
On October 4, we launched our new project, in which we will talk about:
📍Information hygiene and fact-checking;
📍 Relevant and useful information for the occupied territories and those who are forced to stay there;
📍Interaction between society and the army.
🔥A rich schedule of online lectures, interesting and useful information resources, lots of videos, graphics, and news.

📝 In order to participate in the project and receive all the relevant information, you need to register here:
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