GUR and “Cotton in Moscow”: do not confuse trolling with reality

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Yesterday, a humorous post appeared on the page of the Come Back Alive Army Assistance Fund a humorous post stating that the foundation, together with the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, is launching a new project under the pilot title “Cotton in Moscow.”

“We will provide detailed information about the project and its cost later, but for now, we are appealing to thousands of our benefactors. We are overwhelmed by the number of proposals to donate to the “big boom”. But the financial component of the project has already been implemented. So we urge you to join the systematic assistance to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.”

– they wrote on the organization’s page.

The post caused a stir and a sharp fright in Russia. However, some of our colleagues did not feel the trolling, or, on the contrary, decided to play along and presented this post as real news.

Yuriy Goncharenko, an expert on information hygiene at the Democracy Assistance Foundation, notes that the “cotton” in Russia is going according to plan, it does not depend on any donors and is not announced in the media “as a project.”

“The Defence Intelligence informs about its actions in a different way, either by the fact of the work done or by messages on its resources. And in the first case, if everyone has noticed, we often do not make statements about certain events on the territory of Russia. There is probably a reason for this. Even though Kirill Budanov has been declared Russia’s number one enemy.”

– he writes.

We also urge our colleagues to treat such posts with more humor, and all readers to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces through the same “Come Back Alive” initiative: https://savelife.in.ua/donate/

Source: Novyny.org

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