Mass graves of people killed by occupants discovered in Sviatohirsk and Lyman

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In Sviatohirsk and Lyman, liberated from the occupiers, 78 bodies were exhumed, Lenta.ua reports.

“In Sviatohirsk and Lyman, mass graves have been identified. We have already exhumed 78 bodies, some with obvious signs of violent death. The victims had gunshot wounds, fractured ribs and skulls, and mine-blast injuries. According to locals, the invaders shot people right on the streets. During the occupation, a father and son died in Sviatohirsk: the younger man needed immediate medical intervention due to numerous injuries, the father began to scream and call for help, but the “liberators” shot the elderly man dead. The son was also killed. The enemy’s atrocities are visible immediately at the entrance to the city: on the road, one “meets” a burnt car with two citizens burned alive. The youngest victim was only a year old. The child is buried next to the whole family at the cemetery in Lyman,” said Pavlo Ugrovetsky, head of the Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office, according to Donetsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Prosecutors and law enforcement officers have been conducting investigative and procedural actions in the cities of Donetsk region liberated from the occupiers for a week now, and some of the findings are terrifying.

Photo: Donetsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

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