UKRAINIAN BLOGGING IN THE CONDITIONS OF WAR: Theory and practice (Downloadable document)

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The total control of traditional media by oligarchic groups leads to a low level of political awareness among Ukrainian citizens. And, as a result, Ukrainian voters mostly vote not for ideas, programs, or visions, but for pleasant faces, promises, and handouts. On the other hand, rapid technological progress has led to the emergence of tools that allow anyone to become a kind of media and opinion leader. These are the so-called social media and blogging platforms. They are available in text, audio, and video formats.

Russia’s full-scale aggression against the European state of Ukraine has caused tectonic shifts in the minds of its citizens and provides a chance for the country to make a rapid modernization leap. On the other hand, the war caused a humanitarian crisis, the emergence of millions of refugees, the loss of loved ones and other problems.

Blogging in a time of war is an important tool that can help to obtain truthful information about the course of events in the country. Through blogging, powerful volunteer projects are being organized to ensure the supply of humanitarian aid and assistance to the army. Bloggers provide a lot of information to help IDPs and refugees navigate and adapt to their new living conditions, and war victims receive psychological rehabilitation and a new communication environment.

Bloggers have played an important role in making the world aware of the true scale of the Russian army’s atrocities in Ukraine, and have become another bridge to the civilized world to tell about the tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine. Although martial law and ongoing hostilities impose certain restrictions on journalists and bloggers.

Please find the publication of the project “Blogger’s School: Blogging in Times of War”, which can be downloaded at this link.

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