A resident of the Altai Territory was fined for a photo with the inscription “No to war.”

In Rubtsovsk, Altai Krai, a court fined local resident Maxim Yusov 30 thousand rubles under an article on discrediting the

“Bavovna” in Bryansk – a bright and festive greeting from the DIU for the occupiers

According to online.ua, a drone dropped explosives on an administrative building in the Bryansk region of Russia. One person was

Unique documents related to Putin’s yacht Graceful published

"Rusmonitor published documents on the yacht Graceful, owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The publication claims that the images were

The IAEA is “fascinated” by the Russians at ZNPP. How Moscow blackmails the world with a nuclear disaster

According to the words of Viktor Kurtiev, an entrepreneur and power engineer who is involved in the anti-crisis plan for

RDC reports another successful raid in the border area: an FSB officer is eliminated (VIDEO)

The Russian Volunteer Corps announced a new raid on the territory of the Russian Federation, which resulted in the elimination

DIU sends greetings to FSB in Kurchatov by drone (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

On the evening of Sunday, September 3, an unmanned aerial vehicle struck an FSB building in the city of Kurchatov,

Drone attack on Pskov airfield is the result of a well-planned GUR operation (DETAILS)

Last night, unmanned aerial vehicles attacked the territory of Russia, striking a number of targets. First of all, we know

The GUR probably coordinates the actions of rebels on the territory of Russia who struck at the airfield in Soltsy

On August 19, at about 10:00 local time, unidentified drones attacked the Soltsy military airfield in the Novgorod region. At

RDC commander addresses residents of Nova Tavolzhanka, Belgorod Oblast, with a proposal to restore their homes destroyed by the occupiers

The commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), Denis Nikitin ,addressed the residents of the village of Nova Tavolzhanka in