Polish Radio ZET has once again become the primary source of disinformation that has directly affected Polish-Ukrainian relations;

On October 2, another "bomb" exploded in the media space, with the news that Ukraine had allegedly not invited Polish

Beware of fake news: no restrictions on men’s admission to higher education were planned

Today, Russian media and anonymous Telegram channels spread the news that Ukraine is going to ban conscripts from entering higher

Russia spreads lies that the Ukrainian side massively violates the rights of Russian prisoners of war

From March 30 to April 1, the Kremlin's propaganda media and controlled telegram channels launched an information campaign to demonstrate

Analysis and Results of Russia’s Information Special Operation “February 24 Maidan”

Enough time has passed to present a first analysis of the Russian information operation "Maidan on February 24" and draw

Manipulation of David Arakhamia’s statement on the consequences of nuclear weapons deployment in Belarus is spreading in social networks and media

"The head of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, suggested the possibility of additional mobilization due to the

Chronicle of Bryansk lies: analyzing the details of Russia’s information special operation

The research and analysis group InfoLight.UA has thoroughly analyzed how the media coverage of of the most high-profile event of

Headliners of mobilization scandals: who is behind them?

Trashy videos and mobilization scandals, along with anonymous telegram channels about the distribution of summonses, may turn out to be